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Yaskawa AC Drives, Yaskawa DC Drives, Yaskawa Servo Drives, Yaskawa Motors, Programmable logic controllers, PLC  
 Welcome to Vega Industrial Systems


Introductions :

VEGA Industrial Systems is official system integrator of L&T's Industrial Automation team. It caters to the growing demand for Automation products in the country. It has been in business for more than a decade now. We have gathered loads of experience, information and intelligence on the way. Doing what we do best - providing customers with complete automation solutions.

During all this, we metamorphosed from a fledgling to an emerging automation integrator with the latest and best in technology, with an immense capability to engineer and innovate.
Today VEGA Industrial Systems is geared up to provide fully integrated turnkey end-to-end solutions based on hardware and software platforms using current technologies.

Our Products :
Yaskawa AC Drive
Servo Drive
Soft Starter

Industries Served
Our Reputated Clientele
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