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Yaskawa AC Drives, Yaskawa DC Drives, Yaskawa Servo Drives, Yaskawa Motors, Programmable logic controllers, PLC  

DC drives are thyristor based phase controllers employed for controlling the speed and/or torque of DC motors.

These are employed in very high power applications, such as locomotives, where high power capability of the thyristors and the simplicity of the design can make them a more attractive proposition than transistor based controllers.

The precise speed and torque control with power regeneration capability given by the DC systems helps user build a accurate control system with a greater price performance ratio.


  • 36 Digital and Analog I/O combinations
  • Unique, inbuilt shaft position controller
  • Intelligent overload protection
  • Large 40 character alpha-numeric display
  • Inbuilt Configuration Checker
  • Ultra compact size - Less panel space
  • The most powerful Digital DC drive in the market today
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