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Program Logic Controller :


Features :

On board Programming / editing with LCD screen and function keys
LCD screen can be used as an HMI for data entry as well as for viewing Alarms
A power packed compact unit with Timers, Counters, Analog
Comparators, Text Displays, and Time
Switches and many more
Expandable upto 48 I/Os with 3 Expansion Units
Programming upto 250 Lines
Battery backed up with Flash Memory
DIN rail mounting
Built-in RS 232 Modbus port
Optional RS 485 Modbus port
Power up option: 230 V AC, 24 V DC


LX7S Features

Control 10,14,20,28,40,48 ,ditigal I/O points.
2 Serial ports ( 1 RS- 232C , 1 RS485 with modbus RTU )
Program memory size upto 2K Words.
Built-in back up flash memory.
Built-in HSC , pulse output ( for TR output module only).

LX7 Series Micro Logic Controller

Features of LX7

Basic control to 28,48 points and upto 104 digital I/O points.
Expansion upto two moduleseach of 28 points.
Two serial ports ( 2RS232C / RS485 with modbus RTU ) .
Program memory size upto 9K words.
Built-in HSC , pulse catch , pulse output ( for TR output module).
Built in real-time clock, PID functions .

The perfect controller for simple applications. This little power house is compact yet It's big on perfomance - providing high speed advance networking and a full suite of
Control - capabilities.


LX -70 Series Programmable Logic Controller

Features :

1. Fast, powerful, processors.
High speed basic instructions- performance- 0.2micro/ step.

2. Control upto 384 digital I/O points.
The 12-slots LX70 allows upto 384points ( 192 points using terminal blocks ).

3. Various I/O types and specialty modules.

Digital In : 24V dc ( 16 points, 32 points), 110V ac, 220V ac
Digital Out : relay transistor ( 16 points, 32 points), SSR, Combo I/O.
Special I/O : A/D(8ch/ 4ch ) , D/C (4ch,2ch), RTD (4ch),TC (4ch),PULSE (4ch HSC)

SCU (2 ch serial Datacomm) and link network.

4. Range of I/O base options (upto 12-slots).
When configuring a system, PLC LX series enables you to choose a backplane from 2,3,5,6,8,10 and 12slots.

5. High capacity programming and memory backup option.
Program memory size is from 9.6 K-words (LX70-CPU70P1) upto 20 k-words
(For LX70-CPU70P2). Built-in flash EEPROM retains all ladder logic.

6. Built-in PID capabilities
Supports 8-loop PID controls (Only for LX70-CPU70P2 module).

7. Built-in RTC (Real time clock)
Built in real time clock supports programming by time and date
( Only for LX70-CPU70P2 module ).

8. Built in RS232C and RS 485 2 ports (LX70-CPU70P2 module ).
Two communication channels for simple connectivity to computers, operators

Interface modern and controllers to exchane large volume of data with high speed.
COM2 ports supports user defined communications to connect you to barcode
Readers, inverters, modbus slave or servos. (Binary communications available).

9. Superior diagnostics
Self-diagnostics to minimize system errors and to maximize diognostics efficiency.

10. LX Soft programming software.
LX Soft programming software lets you create , modify CPU,forced I/O, I/O configurations . It is a power-ful, easy to use tool for program uploaded / downloaded.

11.Data memory upto k words

12.28 Basic and 147 advanced instructions.



The LX700 series give you the capability to control a medium scale system with ease. With it's remote I/O and various networking configurations, it is best suited for applications combiming multiple devices spread over a large installations.


Fast, powerful processors. High-speed basics instructions executions - 0.2 micro-sec. Program memory of 20k with built-in flash EEPROM backup.Data memory of7k. Built-in PID control.

Hardware features:
1. Control upto 1600 Digital I/O points.
2. Flexible and speciality I/O modules
3. Range of I/O base options ( from 3 to 12 slots ).
4. Built - in real time clock (RTC) & 8 Loops PID controls
5. Upto 96 slave nodes can be connected using remote I/O Master and remote I/O slave
6. Peer- Peer communications for data sharing and remote programming possible with MW- LINK module
7. Serial Commmunication Unit (SCU) comes with 2 serial ports for additional Communication requirements.
8. 2 Serial ports ( RS232C/RS485 with modbus RTU/ user defined protocol) with Baud rate upto 38400bps.
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